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Standard First Aid + CPR (BLS for Health Care Providers)
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New First Aid and CPR Guidelines
Student feedback & comments
Onsite training for private groups
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  Highlights of the new guidelines...Simplified CPR skills mean CPR is now easier to learn and remember, Changes to CPR skills emphasize 'Push Hard, Push Fast' - the importance of good technique, Courses are now customized to participant needs (lay person vs. health care professional), All CPR courses now include instruction on public access defibrillation, New course format allows for more time to practice skills in class, Along with the new guidelines, the Red Cross has launched all new first aid manuals and course materials!    
  FALL 2018 News:
PROMO: Save $20 off Standard First Aid courses, or $10 off CPR courses!

BASIC LIFE SUPPORT (BLS for Health Care Providers) is now available.  This is the recommended level for the Professional Responder, with a focus on high-performance, team-based approach to CPR.  View the Course Schedule.

BLENDED LEARNING is now available for Standard First Aid courses.  Save time - 1 day in class.  Complete online content at your own pace.  View the Course Schedule.

New classes at George Brown College campuses for the FALL semester are available.  Proceeds help sponsor the Athletics Student Leadership awards at George Brown College.

Course selection guides are available for York U., George Brown College, Seneca, and Ryerson students. Click here to download.

Students take note that classes fill quickly.  Don't delay your registration.  Register early and get $20 off the Standard First Aid with CPR course.

Fire Fighter candidates -  Be advised that Standard First Aid with CPR Level HCP is the current requirement.  You must have your certification at the time of application. 

PSWs - Check your program / employer requirements.  Some colleges now require Standard First Aid with CPR Level HCP. 
  Vital CPR's Community News:

Congratulations to winners of the 2016-17 Vital CPR "Contribution to Athletics" awards at George Brown College.

The Contribution to Athletics Award, sponsored by Vital CPR was given to individuals who demonstrated Huskies spirit considered to be beyond expectation. They were Britany Mathison, Dane Gordon, Jesse Oliver and Justine Perla .

Vital CPR sponsors George Brown College Athletics
We are very pleased to continue our sponsorship of George Brown College's Athletics program for another year (2016 - 2017). Our partnership with GBC Athletics will support Athletics and Recreation programs, encouraging GBC staff and students to participate in physical activity and live healthy.  We are strong proponents of contributing to our community and are excited to be able to support this dynamic Toronto college.


Comments from our students
"I had first aid today and I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the class - and learned a lot! I had never had this instructor before and he was excellent...Thanks!" - Amanada, VITA Community Living Services, November 2010

"I just completed your standard first aid and CPR course today. I just wanted to say that Elise did a wonderful job throughout the two days that I had the training. Not only was she enthusiastic and engaged the class in activities, she conveyed the material in a way that made me confident in my skills and abilities as a first aider. It was really great to see someone so dedicated and passionate about their job and it made my experience more enjoyable. Thank you for the great experience!!" - Majury, July 2010

As an Early Childhood Educator, First Aid and CPR are often a requirement of employment. For the last 8 years, I was only required to have CPR as I was working in a hospital and our training involved watching DVD’s on CPR/AED and choking, as well as some hands on practice in a 3 hour session.
I have to admit, not having taken a first aid component for the last 8 years, I was not looking forward to 2 full days of instruction! However, your enthusiasm, variety of hands on practice, stories to illustrate the topic as well as your dramatics, made the session a fun and enjoyable experience. You certainly demonstrate your passion for teaching First Aid and CPR through your enthusiasm! You ensured that all participants were involved and gave lots of opportunity to ensure we all understood each topic.
Thank you for your dedication to teaching. I definitely feel very confident in the areas covered in the course.
I will certainly recommend Vital CPR to friends and colleagues who are looking to take First Aid and CPR.
Keep up the great work!" - Lynn, April 7 2010
I participated in the SFA/CPR-C course over the last two days and just wanted to let you know how great it was.  Elise is an amazing teacher.  She is very engaging and friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  I am SO happy I decided to take your course instead of the others that are available.  I learned a lot and feel much better about first aid." - Participant, July 21 2009
"The instructor, Carol, was very thorough with the information. She made the class interesting with all her stories and she was very funny." - Tara, November 1 2008
Wendell was an excellent instructor! He made the class very interesting. He was also very professional and you could notice he was an expert in his field!! I really enjoyed the class. It was very hands on which was GREAT!!" - Maria-Belen, October 18 2008
"Elise is a phenomenal teacher and you're lucky to have her. She's patient and intelligent." - Sean, July 18, 2008
"Elise Maiolino- Greatest instructor ever!" - Fanny, June 14, 2008


Revised First Aid and CPR Programs
The Canadian Red Cross has introduced new ILCoR guidelines for first aid and CPR.  If you have never been trained in first aid or CPR, now is the time to learn how to save a life. If you have received CPR training, take a refresher course and learn how recent research has made it even easier to learn, retain and perform CPR. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is First Aid?
First aid is the immediate care you give to an ill or injured person until more advanced care can be obtained. The First Aider's role includes three basic steps:
1. Recognize the emergency and act accordingly.
2. Call EMS/911
3. Act according to your skills, knowledge, and comfort level.

A first aid class will teach you skills to handle accidents such as; bleeding, bone, muscle and joint injuries, head and neck injuries, medical conditions, and environmental emergencies. Click here to read more about the first aid courses we offer in the Toronto area.

What is CPR?
CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  The term cardio refers to the heart, and pulmonary refers to the lungs.  CPR is the same as Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS).  CPR is a combination of breathing and chest compressions.  CPR increases a cardiac arrest casualty's chances of survival by keeping the brain supplied with oxygen until the person receives advanced medical care.  CPR alone is not enough to help someone survive cardiac arrest.  Advanced medical care is needed immediately, and includes the use of medications or a defibrillator. 

A defibrillator is a device that sends an electric shock through the chest to the heart to start the heard beating effectively again.  Defibrillation given as soon as possible is the key to helping some people survive cardiac arrest.

A CPR class will teach you skills to handle conditions such as; choking situations, respiratory distress, respiratory arrest (when breathing stops), and cardiac arrest.  All of our CPR classes also include AED (Automated External Defibrillator) certification.  Click here to read more about the CPR courses we offer in the Toronto area.

Is learning first aid or CPR difficult?
The goal of the Canadian Red Cross is to provide first aid training to every person in Canada. Vital CPR - First Aid Training strives for the same goal. Our courses teach basic steps that can be applied to any emergency situation. We make learning the skills easier by reinforcing the key concepts and by providing lots of class time for hands-on practice. We want you to succeed!

What course should I take?
You can take a CPR class by itself, or you can take a class which combines CPR with First Aid training.  Here are some simple guidelines to follow:

CPR Level A is CPR for adult casualties.  This course is required if you are taking the course because you need to know how to assist with respiratory or cardiac emergencies affecting a person older than eight years of age.  The course is intended for lay person (general public) rescuers or workplace rescuers.

CPR Level C is CPR for adult, child, and baby casualties.  This is required if you need to know how to assist with respiratory or cardiac emergencies affecting persons in different age groups.  The course is intended for lay person rescuers, workplace safety teams, lifeguards, police, fire fighters, and other first responders.

CPR Level HCP is CPR adult, child, and baby casualties at a Health Care Provider level.  This course includes Level C plus additional skills such as; advanced circulation check, rescue breathing, and use of a bag valve mask (BVM).  The course is intended for doctors, nurses, paramedics and allied Health Care Professionals (RT, OT, PT etc).

When do I receive my CPR certification card?
You will receive your certificate at the end of your successful completion of the course. The certificate is provided in class and you will not have to wait for it to be mailed. 
All of our first aid and CPR courses include certification from the Canadian Red Cross Society. The certificates meet Canada Occupational Safety and Health regulations, Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board requirements, and are recognized by employers, schools and safety councils throughout Canada. 
First aid and CPR certificates are valid for three years. However, the Canadian Red Cross Society recommends retraining every year. You should also note that some employers require you to retrain every year.

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